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Shouting, Roaring, Ranting, Whispering, Singing . . . Verse

Thursday, January 19, 2006

I’m interested in the way your mind ticks.
I want to disassemble you down to bare cogs.
Analyze depressions folded in shadows for the markings
That rendered the many succinct parts you.
Train my fingers along the contour of the frame that holds it all in.
Appreciate the beauty of how each portion works together,
The collection of experiences that turns and tunes your time piece

I want to know why each thought was created,
Where it traveled before it reached my ears
The rhythmic tattoo of your well cued words
Has me traversing spaces previously unknown
My body fades, surroundings slide into translucence
Yet I am only one of your many, and you’re not speaking to me

We are suspended waiting, hanging in the moment
Knowing there’s a punch line coming,
And it won’t be funny. It’ll slam into our core,
And I can almost sense you reel from across the room,
As you expel the last breath, the last tick,
The last syllable and it hits hard, sends us home,
Keeps us wondering, thinking, sometimes even yearning
Until the next time, the next line, we watch you tick.


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