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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Counting on us ...

When we came together, collectively we owned . . .
3 bookcases, 1 discarded patio table, with matching chair
A coffee table, who having seen better days
Masqueraded as a headboard for the sheets & blankets
That composed our first tentative bed.
We spent those early autumn months
Softly cushioned by carpet and pillow
Our bodies sprawled out . . . harem style

Now, 3 couches and 2 children later
I still want you, like some people want yesterday
Thinking that rewind would somehow result
In a tummy tuck and a tight ass, today
They want to redo or undo . . .
I just want to do . . . you
Even though the bills are piling up
And sometimes I think the future won’t ever come

So, as we trade in diapers for pull ups
I know we own tomorrow, today
We have a family unmarked by hostility
Every smile, every sunlit laugh, every caress
Holds a value immeasurable . . .
You can’t buy what we have with soiled pennies

Unbroken piggy banks are rare, theses days.


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