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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Portrait Poem

This is a poem that started from a writing prompt on wild poetry forum. The idea was to write a portrait poem. I didn’t really follow the guide lines, but I kind of like the out come anyways. As of now it’s still untitled.

You evolve your features with the flip of a hat
As if some one pulled your cord and beard grew . . . most magically
Yet I know this is based upon illusion
Underneath there is still a musicians cleft in your chin

Beneath the ink and metal that adorns you now
Your skin still crawls with words
Claws scratching at your wounds
Ready to burst the scabs of time

I can hear the tick tick tick of your time bomb mind
Aching artist trapped inside . . . it’s not too late
You don’t need to pretend that you can’t feel
Your eyes tell the truth, they always have

Fathoms deep, they attempt to sell your soul


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