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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Mold

Long hair
Long nails
Tight skirt
Tight shirt
Pink hearts
Purple stars
Plastered on
With glitter
Teetering in
My high heels
I feel . . .

Aged sandals,
Short hair,
Chipped nails
Stained dirty jeans
And dreams
Faded tank top,
Passive hues adorn me
I am comfortable
In a thrift store hat
This is me

Clumsily I cringe,
I can’t cram
Your mold is unpadded
I am short
My feelings are delicate
You need to know now
I fear stepping inside,
I refuse to be refitted  
I won’t suffer it,
My pride would not
Endure the battering

This is another piece written back in "those days"
(written & 1st edited aug 7 2001, major redraft Aug 15 2001)


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