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Sunday, September 11, 2005

As The Story Goes

I don’t remember the truth of the story at all.
Just disconnected real memories woven amongst
Fiction, which was embroidered by the constant retelling
So many times through the years that I know it by heart
Though I was really to young to remember
It’s almost a fairy tale now,
Without the happy ever after end.

A waterfall made bathing fun
Dusty porch lit by candles
Two rockers creakily guarded the shack
Inside it was dark, often damp
There was a wood stack behind
The cracked wall, I was forbidden to play near it

I remember twirling around falling
Leaves and laughter
Being hoisted up high on shoulders
To better see the starry sky

I remember a screen door that would
Catch a little girl faster than
It ever caught the fly,
Which got in anyways . . .

I remember Mama turning to step inside
Swollen and slow, restraining the screen door
As she glance hesitating in our direction
One hand supporting my secret sister

I remember smiling back with love
And fear that the door would catch
Her as it always caught me,
This was just before he grabbed me

His hand were hard but never too ruff
For a daughters tender skin
Insistent and determined as he took me
For good, this time

She knew I was gone before we ever left,
He threw me down into the cars interior

As I looked back for a final glimpse,
Torn, not for the last time,
Between a child’s two greatest love and fears,
He shoved me back on floor, the glass shattered,
I cried, because I couldn’t see her smile anymore
The smell of his fear, hung heavy, tainting the air.


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